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Our Mission

Our mission is to help each patient achieve the greatest level of health possible. We do this by going beyond asking what is making you sick to investigating why symptoms are occurring and what’s causing them. Using the principles of functional medicine, we test to see how your various organs are working and if imbalances exist. With that information, we formulate a personalized treatment plan for you.

The treatment plan will require introspection and changes on your part. These changes will lead to better health, because they account for and work with your basic biology. They only work, though, if you work at making the changes.

We deliver personalized medicine. It is integrative. It’s not unusual for patients with severe chronic conditions to see us and a specialist (cardiologist, endocrinologist or oncologist, for instance). We will collaborate to deliver the best results for you.

Dr. Lisa Ballehr

Dr. Lisa Ballehr began her medical career as a radiologist, pursuing her interest in solving intricate problems through science. She added a subspecialty in interventional orthopedic sports medicine and completed a nationally recognized fellowship in musculoskeletal intervention and MRI at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

A 16-year career in which she is locally and nationally recognized for her work in expert diagnostics and locally recognized for her work with athletes and orthopedic surgeons was interrupted when a genetic health issue of her own flared up.

In the course of treating her condition she became acquainted with the benefits of functional medicine. She saw a natural alignment between its scientific foundation in genetics and biochemistry and her undergraduate degrees in biophysics and biochemistry. Radiology and functional medicine are both science based investigative fields, seeking answers below the surface.

It was only natural for Dr. Ballehr to earn certification in functional medicine. She sees it as the next evolution in health care, matching the availability of genetic information with the emphasis on individualized medicine.

When Dr. Ballehr is not helping patients find their optimum health through functional medicine, she is likely to be found dirt biking in the Arizona desert with her husband and friends or racing motorcycles at a track in Litchfield Park. She and her husband own a motorcycle racing and track day company. Other activities include hiking with her two dogs, mountain biking, skiing, scuba diving, trail running and playing golf. She sculpts and paints in oil, and enjoys traveling to learn more about cultures, art, and history.

Dr. Ballehr is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner from The Institute for Functional Medicine, Cleveland Clinic and has received additional certification at The Kalish Institute or Functional Medicine.

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