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Dr Lisa Ballehr from Mesa, Arizona is an Osteopathic Physician and Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner.  Dr Ballehr is licensed in 12 states and has over 20 years of experience. Dr Ballehr specializes in Telemedicine and applies her science based approach to the evolutionary personalized medicine that works with the patient.

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Dr. Ballehr’s Functional Medicine’s approach is the evolution of personalized medicine is a concierge service only and patients are accepted into the practice by referral only. 



Our Clients Say

Doug E. Real Estate Exec My young healthy wife began having some physical issues after the birth of our second son. Her OBGyn referred us to an internal MD, after a few blood test he found nothing and suggested we see a dermatologist, an allergist and then suggested a neurologist. Seeking some relief we also saw a general practitioner, a massage therapist and an acupuncturist and none had a clue what was causing the itchiness that was keeping her from sleeping through the night. We spent thousands of dollars on doctors, test and over the counter cures but none were able to offer any relief or direct us toward a cure. From our first conversation with Dr. Ballehr she very confidently assured us that she would be able to get to the bottom of this issue and assured us that she could help her get relief and be able to sleep. She said it may take months to cure her and that much of the success would rely upon our ability to stay on program. In just a few weeks she could feel that Dr. Ballehr was on the right path. She started feeling better. In less than two months she was able to sleep through the night. Now she is nearly four months following the program Dr. Ballehr outlined and she has never felt better. We are so grateful for her guidance and treatment. Dr. Ballehr listened closely to her description of symptoms. She asked excellent questions and obtained a very thorough medical and family background on her. Then ordered a series of very specific test and explained to us what each one was designed to uncover. The dietary supplements she recommended and the dietary changes she outlined for us made sense. We both have made changes to eat and live healthier for life! We are so thankful for Dr. Lisa Ballehr and highly recommend her program to others. Doug E. N. Herbig Business Exec Before working with Dr Ballehr I was experiencing extreme fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, gut issues, inflammation as well as just feeling "down" in general. I felt like something was wrong but didn't know what as my primary care physician didn't really listen to my concerns, did minimal testing while saying "just eat less and move more". I met with Dr Ballehr beginning in October 2019 and she did thorough testing which showed my cortisol levels throughout the day were completely opposite of what they should be doing, as well as a gut bug and need for liver support. She started me on supplements to bring balance back to my body and although I will not be fully through my protocol until April I feel so much better! I cannot thank Dr Ballehr enough! N. Herbig Rene T. Medical Professional Dr. Ballehr clearly communicates the relationship between genetic predisposition, stress, nutritional and environmental factors causing my autoimmune disease. I appreciate her no-nonsense and step-by-step approach to my treatment. Since implementing her dietary plan, supplements and lifestyle changes, I have not experienced a flare-up, and I feel 100% better. Prior to making these changes, I had not been able to consistently exercise, manage house hold chores or work due to pain. I am now participating in 3-4x/weekly yoga, and 2x/weekly weight training and I am keeping up with 3 dogs, 2 kids, and a live-in MIL with Alzheimer's. My Rheumatologist is shocked by my improved blood work - inflammatory markers are now within normal limits, and he has decreased my medications. For the first time in years I believe that I am able to stop the progression of the joint damage, and will be it into my senior years without being crippled. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Ballehr to anyone suffering from any autoimmune disease. Rene T. K. Ring Marketing Executive Dr. Ballehr's expert grasp of the science, genetics, and interrelationship of all body systems has allowed her to make dynamic improvements in my day-to-day overall health after I experienced a flare up of genetic issues. Her ability to listen, without judgment, put me at ease, and allowed us to form a strong partnership. She is tenacious professional and I trust her completely. She has also helped me realign my long-term view and understand that my body can balance itself and maintain good health, despite genetic predispositions. I recommend her wholeheartedly, especially to those who have felt they are not being listened to by the medical community or worse, led to believe it's all in your head. K. Ring B. Miller Account Exec I received a Recommendation to visit Dr. Ballehr due to my chronic illness issues that I've been dealing with for many years. Upon taking the online Health Assessment followed by the initial consultation I knew I had finally found a Physician capable of helping me attack the cause of my pain.  I was amazed at the scientific and systematic approach taken by Dr. Ballehr. Her ability to spearhead the course of action was refreshing and not something I had ever experienced from a primary, specialty, or even other Functional Medicine Practitioner.   I highly recommend anyone looking for answers to take the Self Health Assessment and start their journey to better health and living. B. Miller D. Palmer Businesswoman I decided to see Dr. Ballehr after years of mis-diagnosis and pain suffering. The chronic illness I've been dealing with has been unbearable, but thanks to the Functional Medicine approach and methodical assessment and treatment of Dr. Ballehr I can honestly say I feel better than I have in years. The nutrition and behavioral changes were detailed out in an easy to understand reasoning with an explanation of the targeted results. Thank you Dr. Ballehr for helping me take control of my life again. D. Palmer R. Adams Medical Professional Changed my life by looking at my ENTIRE history (physical, emotional, environmental), and then changing my diet and adding supplements. Still have Crohn's but so much more under control than before..... THANK YOU!!!! R. Adams

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