Increased frequency of symptoms like chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, brain fog, digestive problems, achy joints, depression or anxiety can happen with COVID-19 .

The “Long-Haul” effects of COVID result from deep cellular inflammation and can lead to poor brain function, hormone and immune system imbalances, mitochondrial fatigue, disruption of the sleep wake cycle and affects overall quality of life. 

People who have experienced these symptoms have cellular inflammation stemming from many different disorders and often feel like something is “off,” yet, they’re told by their conventional doctors that “everything is normal”. COVID appears to accelerate the body systems to fail due to immune dysfunction. The metabolic imbalances seen in COVID Long-Haulers is very similar to those with autoimmune disorders, which is one of the reasons functional medicine physicians are adept to treating COVID Long-Haulers efficiently and effectively.

We provide the education and tools to investigate our patients symptoms properly and realign their internal health so that their symptoms decrease in frequency and potency and result in healing of the underlying chronic inflammatory process.

Functional medicine aims to identify the root cause of disease. 

In this Workshop, you will learn about and access:

  • Informational videos about COVID and better understand the driver of your symptoms and how functional medicine can help rebuild your body systems.
  • Thirteen (13) downloadable PDF handouts to better educate yourself on modifiable lifestyle factors you can implement on your own to start the process of fighting your fatigue and inflammation.
  • Guided information on the most recommended supplements and nutraceuticals that can help your immune system fight your fatigue. 
  • Complimentary two month supply of two of the main recommended supplements 
  • NOTE: The supplements in this workshop are specifically designed for age population of 18 years and older. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.
  • Please refer to the manufacturer recommendations and warnings on the back of the supplement bottles.

Disclaimer: This course is for those exploring the possibility of utilizing a holistic, functional medicine perspective to support healthy habit changes. This course is for educational purposes only and does NOT constitute specific medical advice nor does taking this course create a physician/patient relationship.

There are no guarantees made on accuracy at time of course publication, as the landscape of medicine and research changes daily. Always check with your personal physician.

Supplements and nutritional supplements may interfere with prescribed medications. It is important that you do NOT start or stop any prescription medications, vitamins or supplements without talking to your primary care physician first. All of the products preselected for this workshop have been scientifically tested by their manufacturers and independently reviewed for quality by others who are qualified to do so.

By enrolling in this course, you understand the above statements

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